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Penis extender is a device that can be used to increase the size of the penis. Are you aware that there are penis extenders which give better comfort when you put it on than others? Better comfort implies that you can put it on for unlimited amount of time, which will render you bigger gains. It is bad news to say that the ones that give better comfort does not come with a low price. we have rated the most effective penis extenders you can find in the market as of today based on our testing.

All penis extenders are not the same. This is why we have taken our time to perform a thorough research to rate the top penis extenders in the market. You will be making the best decision if you select from any of the top penis extenders listed here because it gives the bigger gain.

No 1 Penis Extender = Size Genetics

Result: 1.10 inches in one month or more


It gives the Highest Comfort  because it is made using the Memory Foam Padded Comfort Strap Pattern.

Price: $350


Description: Size Genetics is by far the most comfortable to wear penis extenders based on our testing and researcher. It is the top penis extenders and one of the bestselling. Better comfort implies that you can put it on for unlimited length of time which will finally give you quicker gains in the length and girth of your penis size.

It is very different from the usual penis extender.  The usual penis extender extends the penis using a silicone noose which may disrupt the blood circulation leading to pain. Size Genetics is made using a bed of memory foam which encloses and pads your penis. A comfort strap which will hold the foam to the stretcher. This invention gives the best comfort in a penile extender.

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No 2 Penis Extender = Male Edge

Result: 0.70 inches within 6 months


It is Quite Comfortable, made using Padded Rubber Comfort Strap Pattern.

Price: €179 to € 349 depending on model

Description: The Male Edge is not as comfort to wear when compared to the size genetics, though it still provides comfortable to be used for a limited length of time. once more, the major reason why comfort is a major concern is due to the fact that the more comfort a penis extender feels when it is used, the longer you can wear it and the larger size you should expect to it. the comfort is as a result of the padded rubber comfort strap invention, which is highly improved than the traditional silicone noose pattern that is common of penis extenders.

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No 3 Penis Extender = X4 Labs

Result: 0.60 within 6 months


It is Comfortable with Foam Pads around its Noose

Price: $124.95 to $420.95 depending on model.

Description: The X4 labs extender gives a level of comfort unlike the comfort strap pattern utilized by size genetics and male edge. Though it is still better than the traditional silicone noose design. This is due to the fact that the x4 labs is mading the silicone noose with some levels of foam cushion all over it to make it more comfortable. Though it isn’t as comfortable to put on as the size genetics and male edge, it still gives a moderate comfort.

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No 4 Penis Extender = Pro Extender

Result: 0.30 inches within 6 months


It is Comfortable to wear to some extent

Price: $300 to $400 depending on model.

Description: Pro Extender was made to provide the correct amount of traction. Some urologists and plastic surgeons rate the pro extender to be an effective device. It is a medical penis extender because it is used in clinics and hospitals.

It was designed and produced in Denmark by a medical urologist who has years of experience in learning and analyzing the effectiveness of penis enlargement extender. It is made to give gentle and painless traction to the penis. The response the body of a man wearing Pro Extender will get is generation of tissue cells and gradual extension of his penis tissue, giving him a longer and bigger penis.

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No 5 Penis Extender = Vimax

Result: Never used it.


Price: $99.95

Description: Some of the persons that used the vimax claim that there were disappointed when they wore it because it was not as comfortable as they thought it would be. It is made using one of the silicone nooses which restricts flow of blood to the penile area. It could be that they did not wear it for long time in order to get used to it. It is the cheapest penis extender in the market with a small design.

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